Summer Birthday Party! – Cool Ideas for Your Kid’s Celebration in Summer

Have you thought of throwing a pool party for your kid’s birthday during the summer and just don’t know how to do it? It’s hot, you have a backyard and a pool, why not throw the party there? Invite your kid’s friends over in a unique way and hangout with your fellow parents. Everyone will have a blast!

Don’t know how to get started here are a few tips that can help you turn your kid’s birthday into an awesome summer party:

1. Unconventional Invitations

Scrap the idea of sending out card invitations! You can do a lot of DIY invitations that are taught on the internet. Be it a jar that has sand inside with a white paper scroll saying you’re invited to my birthday party, or an inflatable beach ball that says the information about the party and many more DIY projects. Make it extraordinary! It will make your guests excited about it!

2. Summer Themed Food

Summer-themed food always include ice cream and flavored ices. For punch go for blue lemonade and label it as pool water or you can go for red iced tea and label it as Pool water with sharks and just design it with a shark head. A witty fun idea for punch, eh? You can also serve colorful mermaid cookies in the shape of a starfish or a clam. But don’t forget that kids can’t swim right after eating so be sure that you only serve them food right after they’ve enjoyed the food and since this is a pool party let the parents know to feed their kid an hour beforehand they arrive at the party because we’re all sure that the kids are just too excited to swim they can’t wait to jump in the pool.

3. Use the Ocean’s Pallet for design

Your tables, streamers, balloons and party favors should follow the pallet of the ocean. Blue, dark blue, yellow, white and peach. This way you can feel the beach summer vibe. You can design green streamers with pink flowers to represent seaweed and algae. You can also place cut out stars and clams to make them feel the under the sea vibe.

4. Pool Activities

You can put balloons on the swimming pool and have it filled with water so that kids can play water balloon fights or you can get water slide rentals for the kids to enjoy the pool! Everyone will have fun taking turns on the slide and everyone will have a good time!

5.  Usable Party Favors

Last but is actually the most important one of all. Your party favors! Instead of the usual small pillow or keychain party favor, why not opt for body towels, sunscreen lotion, extra t-shirt, goggles and water bottles, all in a nice waterproof bag you can use for your kids’ guest’s wet swimwear.

What are you waiting for? Go, host that birthday party or pool party for your kid! It’s a good way to catch up with fellow parents as well! Enjoy!

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